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History of Kaimur


Kaimur is relatively a small district of a substantial contribution towards the independence movement. A detailed account of Kaimur's history is given below:

Early History of Kaimur

Evidences of human existence from pre historic times have been discovered in Kaimur. During pre-historic days Kaimur region was inhabited by the aboriginals now known as the Cheros, Bhars. The Mauryan and Gupta rulers of Magadh took the rule of Kaimur. In the 7th century A.D., Harshawardhan, the ruler of Kannouj was the ruler of Kaimur. Kaimur was later under Shail dynasty of central India and Pal dynasty of Bengal. According to C. Mark, a historian, the first ruler of Pal dynasty ruled the area now Kaimur. Chandauli controlled Kaimur district in the 12th century. The Rajputs tried to suppress the aboriginals of Kaimur and took them over hundreds of years to suppress them and declare their rule over Kaimur. Bakhtiar Khiliji attacked Bihar in 1193 A.D.. the area  was then ruled by small Rajput chiefs who often used to fight among themselves. Bakhtiyar Khiliji hence easily defeated Rajputs who were not united and were comparatively weaker. After around 100 years the rule of now Kaimur came under the rule of Mughals of Delhi.

Sher Shah's father, Hassan Khan Sur, ruled Sasaram. Baler in 1529 invaded the area. In 1537 Humayun advanced towards Kaimur and had a conflict with Sher Shah at Chausa. After wards the area was included in Akbar's empire

British Rule in Kaimur

In 1758, there was a conflict between Shah Alam and Lord Clive of East India Company. Shah Alam was supported by local Zamindar Pahalwan Singh in crossing the Karmanasha River. In 1764 the Battle of Buxar took place, after which the English became absolute masters of the Kaimur after defeating Siraj-ud-daula. Later on Raja Chait Singh of Banaras also revolted against English to rule Kaimur but the English succeeded in suppressing the revolt.

The historic 1857 mutiny also had its affect over Kaimur under command of Kunwar Singh. Kaimur had a substantial contribution towards the independence movement.

Present Day Kaimur

In the year 1972 Rohtas district was formed out of old Shahabad district. And after that in the year 1991 Kaimur district was formed from Rohtas district. The district is divided into wards, which are looked after by ward commisioners. Out of them a chairman is elected who is the head of the district. The total area under present Kaimur is about 340447 Hectares.

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