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Geography of Kaimur

Kaimur located at 25°02'13" N on latitude and 83°33'33" E longitude is spread over an area of about an area of 3363 km². Geographically it is surrounded by Buxar and Gazipur (U.P.) in north, Garhwa (Jharkhand) in south, Rohtas in east and Chandauli and Mirzapur (U.P.) in west. A thick lush green cover of forest covers the major area of Kaimur. The region is further dotted with numerous rivers and waterfalls.

Geography of Kaimur

Climate of Kaimur

The climate of Kaimur is typically an extreme climate. The summers are very hot and winters are very cold. The temperature in the month of January falls down to single digit. The month of May is the hottest month with temperature reaching around 45°C. The monsoons bangs in Kaimur in mid-June and lasts till mid-September.

Topography of Kaimur

Kaimur has a very undulating topography and can largely be divided into two area viz:
(i) Hilly Area
(ii) Plain Area.
The hilly area that covers the eastern Kaimur comprises of Kaimur plateau. The plain area that lies on the western side is bestowed with two rivers Durgawati and Karmanasha. The Kudra river lies on it eastern side. Sands found on the banks of river Durgawati and the Kudra are extensively used as building material. There is a possibility of finding limestone, sulpher and pyretic iron ores on the Kaimur hilly area.

Vegetation of Kaimur

The Kaimur plateau has stratified formation of sand stone, shale and lime stone. Clay loam soil constitutes 45.6 % of the total area,sandy loam soil constitutes 30.8% and Red laterite soil 23.5%.The main crops grown in Kaimur are rice, wheat, lentil, chickpea, linseed, mustard, maize and greengram. Horticulture crops are also grown here. Some of the fruits grown here are mango, guava, Aonla, lemon banana etc. and the vegetables grown are potato, onion, tomato, cauliflower, cabbage etc. Medicnal crops that are grown here are Japanese mint, satawar and tuberose. Plantation crop include siris. Fodder crop grown here are beseem and oat.

Demography of Kaimur

According to 2001 census the total population of the Kaimur was calculated to be 1289074. the total rural population was 1247299 and the total urban population was 41775. The sex ration of Kaimur was found to be 902 females for every 1000 males. The population of literate people is 561854. The total literacy rate is 55.1.

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