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Business and Economy in Kaimur

Kaimur contributes a lot in the economy of Bihar. Agriculture is the main economic activity of the area. People of the region are also engaged in commercial activities and agro based businesses. Establishment of various industrial units have further fueled the economic growth of the region. Animal husbandry has a great scope in Kaimur. Pisciculture is another good source of employment in the region. A total of 66 per cent of total rural population is working population.Only 70% of the are main workers. Of this 39 per cent are cultivators and 44 per cent are agricultural labourers. 3% are engaged in household industry and rest 11 per cent are involved in some other activities.

Agriculture in Kaimur

Agriculture in Kaimur

The nature has gifted Kaimur with all the potential requirements for good agriculture. It counts amongst most fertile district of Bihar and is watered by flanked by Karmanasha, Durgawati and Kudra river. Use of bio-fertilizer and bio-pesticide with good irrigation facilities is helping in the production of food grains in the region. Paddy, wheat, dalhan, telhan and maize are five main crops grown in the area. Currently 176734 Hec.land area is under cultivation. Farmers are also employing use of tractors, threshers to increase the agricultural yields.

Land distribution in Kaimur
Total geographical area:- 340441 Hec.
Net area under cultivation:- 176734 Hec.
Current fallow land:- 17304 Hec
Area under forest:- 106300 Hec.
Irrigated area:- 71794 Hec.
Total crop area:- 291417 Hec.
Main Crops:- Paddy, Wheat, Dalhan, Telhan, Maize

Forest Cover in Kaimur

Kaimur has a thick cover of forests in and around the area. The alluvial plains under this forest cover are highly fertile. Rice, Dalhans and Wheat are the chief crops here and also bamboo clumps and mango orchards are found in plenty here. Kendu leaf and chiraunji are the important products of these forests. The number of fauna has considerably decreased in recent times because of the increase of the area under cultivation.The area demands irrigational canal forestation, social forestation under Adhaura block and re-habitation of forest area and conservation

Pisciculture in Kaimur

Many steps are being taken in Kaimur to improve pisciculture. There are in all 941 ponds and tanks in Kaimur which covers a total area of 3227 (Acre). Fishing can largely imrove the economic structure of Kaimur. But Kaimur lacks the facilties like fish-seed (Acre) hatchery, pucca fish-, marketing units and ice- plant for preservation of surplus fishes.To improve fishing number of fisherman’s are trained for fishing. Administration has also come up with Fishermen's life- insurance scheme to attract more and more people to fishing. Rs. 50,000/- in case of death and Rs. 25,000/- for permanent disability is given to fisherman if the causality happens during fishing.

Small Scale Industries in Kaimur

Though the major economic activity in the area is agriculture with a total of 70% of population engaged in agriculture, other skilled based activities also have a great scope in the district. The major industries in Kaimur are ACC Limited, Vanaspati Oil Ltd. And the Power Grid Corporation of India's high voltage direct current (HVDC) grid . The industries in Kaimur require technological up gradation, improvement, and further investment. Bihar State Electricity Board (BSEB) supply electric power to all major town and bazaars of Kaimur. Though the remote areas due to non- availability of electric transmission system still lack electric supply. RSVY Project especially in Adhaura and Chainpur blocks is started to supply energy to the remote areas through solar energy.

Tourism in Kaimur

Tourism industry provides a lot many employment opportunities in food, hospitability, transport and communication. Kaimur has a number of tourist destinations attracting a number of tourists. These include places like Mundeshwari Mandir, Harsubrahm, Baidhnath etc. Which are of either high spiritual, natural or historic importance. These spot are approached by tourists from tourists by hiring a taxi can rentals at affordable prices.

Kaimur has been gifted with many natural resources which can boost the economic activities in the region. With the technological up gradation, improvement, and further investment the economic conditions of the district can touch new heights.

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